acting course

Acting Diploma


 What you'll learn


  • Introduction for Acting for Film, Television and Theatre

  • “Intro to Stand-Up Comedy and live audience.

  • Explore acting exercises and techniques to develop your basic understanding of how to deliver a compelling and truthful performance

  • Create characters using a powerful, dynamic, simple and authentic technique.

  • Break open a script or monologue from any acting medium.

  • Build confidence as an actor and performer.

  • Audition and casting with more authenticity and power.

  • Have an in-depth understanding of what's required for complete and compelling character analysis.

  • Learn how to analyze a scene, play the action truthfully, and maintain an emotional connection to your scene partner

  • Improve your communication, public speaking, and presentation skills.

  • Duration of study 6 months full time 

  • Cost 4000 AUD