In Perth  College of Education and Training,  we are committed to helping our students develop and improve their English skills for their everyday life and in their workplace.

The ability to speak English confidently and naturally is highly valuable in our global economy. If you need to develop your English as a Second Language (ESL) , Perth College is a great place to study. We offer high quality English teaching allowing  you to build your skills in English for work, study or daily life .

We offer innovative courses in a number of areas such as pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing. Perth  College has courses that will help people of all English skill levels. Smaller class sizes mean more individualized support in a fun and supportive learning environment.

Our English Languages courses also include Funded Courses for less fortunate Students, English for career development as well as a Jobseekers Course for Skilled Migrants.

Do you need extra support to study? Funding under Smart & Skilled is provided by the NSW Government to assist learners who need extra support or assistance with reading and writing .